Azure Cloud Solutions

CoreHive Azure team has successfully performed seral Azure Cloud Migrations, offering multiple strategies required for a small business or a mid to large sized enterprise to migrate to Cloud.

Looking to migrate to Azure or Establish a cloud culture in your organization, CoreHive can Help.

Infrastructure Automation Management

  • Re-architecture of your infrastructure takes a lot of engineering resources costs and maintenence.
  • Let us design a secure, scalable, flexible and automated solution for your business. We have used Ansible, Chef, and Puppet, as well as Docker to automate some of the major customers to have scalable and highly available Infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Code for your Application is the standard for a Cloud Environment. We can use Azure Resource Manager to bring up your envrionment with all the security checks required for a Production Grade Infrastruture for Application.
Microservices Orchestration

  • CoreHive has experience configuring Enterprise Level Container Services. Designing microservices for a Monolithic Application or Architecting microservice Native Application.
  • We can setup clusters for your Microservices Application using Orchestration Engine like Kubernetes, Docker Swarm or Azure Container Service.
  • We can also design your Microservice-based Application Infrastrucuture using Azure Service Fabric for resilient stateful and stateless components.
One-Click Deployment Automation

  • Implementing One-Click Deployment on your CICD Tool to Deploy your latest code in matter of minutes.
  • We can configure your CICD Tool to Execute multiple deployment tasks sequenced using configuration management tools that made your deployments fast, reliable and automated.
Database Administration & Architecture

  • Migration of your Database can be a difficult decision. To ensure that their data is highly available, performant, and secure, whether they’re using MySQL, NoSQL, or any other Database. We work with your data architect to plan your Data Migration with your Database Schema is successfully Migrated to Azure.
  • CoreHive can Migrate your On-premise Database into SQL Database, Cosmos Database or your Table Storage using Azure Database Migration Service (DMS).
  • We can design the cloud ready models for your Big Data and Business Analytics initiatives using HDInsights, Data Factory or Stream Analytics..
Monitoring & Support

  • Automated uptime monitoring and performance stability assurance is the standard for modern enterprises – we monitor our clients’ systems 24x7x365 with guaranteed response.
  • Monitoring using Azure Tools together like Azure Portal, Application Insights & Azure Monitor to get detailed metrics of all the resources on your Azure.
  • We have created Dashboard using third party tools like Datadog to monitor your Azure Services.